If you are new to Moebius’ prolific artistic output and wish to own a unique signed piece from the master himself but at an accessible price then you can’t go wrong with acquiring a bookplate or Ex-Libris. An Ex-Libris is a small decorative print that is often found on the front endpaper of books and usually accompanied collectors edition art books by Moebius. These Ex-Libris were often hand signed by Moebius and numbered in pencil to a small circulation such as a couple of hundred (sometimes even less) and always printed on premium card stock.

SWOF (1997)

If you are interested in getting an Ex-Libris by Moebius then they can be found through secondary markets such as online auction sites and collector’s forums. Before committing to make a purchase however buyer’s must be cautious (as with finding anything online) and are recommended to first thoroughly research any prospective listings for accuracy and also communicate with the seller before placing your interest (and money) to avoid disappointment.

L’Homme du Ciguri (1995)
Fou et Cavalier (2008)
Fou et Cavalier (2008)