Miyazaki-Moebius (2004)
Monnaie de Paris
23.5 x 30.5cm, 104 pages

Two great masters renowned the world over, Hayao Miyazaki auteur of Japanese manga & anime and Jean Giraud “Moebius” genius of French bandes dessinées & science fiction film, and were for years also mutual admirers of each other’s art.

Miyazaki-Moebius, book
Miyazaki-Moebius, back

These two creatives titans would join forces and hold a prestigious joint exhibition simply titled ‘Miyazaki-Mœbius’ held at the Monnaie de Paris in France between 1st December 2004 to 13th April 2005.

Miyazaki-Moebius, Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind
Miyazaki-Moebius, Blueberry
Miyazaki-Moebius, My Neighbor Totoro
Miyazaki-Moebius, Le Garage Hermétique/Willow
Miyazaki-Moebius, Princess Mononoke/Airtight Garage (Metreon)

This exhibition revealed great creative parallels between both artists and featured 300+ original drawings and images on display. For those who could not make it to the event, an accompanying catalogue was released showcasing some of the pieces from the exhibition.

Miyazaki-Moebius, My Neighbor Totoro/Nemo
Miyazaki-Moebius, Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind/Alien
Miyazaki-Moebius, Spirited Away/The Fifth Element