Tueur de Monde

Tueur de Monde (1979) / The Twinkle in Fildegar’s Eye (1983)
Les Humanoïdes Associés
16 x 22.5cm, 46 pages

Tueur de Monde (translation: Killer of the World) follows a space traveller named Fildegar, a human crew member on a tubular vessel called the Laché Tout (Drop Everything), a floating greenhouse filled with fields of flowers. When Fildegar is not nurturing the flora inside the ship, he passes his time painting frescoes on the corridor walls, gazing into the ship’s central crystal and on rare occasions filing away old photographs which often reminds Fildegar of past memories. Suddenly Fildegar’s ship enters an unknown galaxy and discovers a planet called Bar-Jona inhabited by the contemplative creatures the Tragos. After landing on the planet’s surface and greeting it’s indigenous population, Fildegar inexplicably becomes pulled by some mysterious force and finds himself gazing up at a giant fungi.

Tueur de Monde just like Alejandro Jodorowsky and Moebius’ Les Yeux Du Chat was released by Les Humanoïdes Associés as part their Mistral Editions. Tueur de Monde would later be translated into English and published in April 1983’s issue of Heavy Metal magazine as The Twinkle in Fildegar’s Eye.

Tueur de Monde is an important work of Moebius as it sees an emerging new style take shape that leans towards Ligne Claire (clear line) in sensibility, elements of which will appear in Moebius’ later works most notably Le Monde d’Edena (The World of Edena). Also hidden in the pages of Tueur de Monde are easter eggs to Moebius’ existing works such as Le Garage Hermétique (The Airtight Garage).

Les Yeux Du Chat & Tueur De Monde
Tueur De Monde & Heavy Metal – April 1983