L’Homme du Ciguri – Major Fatal: Part 2

L’Homme du Ciguri (1995) / The Man from the Ciguri (1996)
Les Humanoïdes Associés
24 x 30.5cm, 50 pages

L’Homme du Ciguri (The Man from the Ciguri) is a direct followup to Moebius’ hugely popular Le Garage Hermétique (The Airtight Garage), released 20 years after the original, we are taken onboard the Ciguri to join the ship’s crew as they embark on locating the Major who has not been seen since the cataclysmic battle with the Bakalite.

The improvisational nature of Le Garage Hermétique is used once again to tell the story in L’Homme du Ciguri and the art direction has a looser feel to it then the original story yet loses none of the charm. Unlike the first instalment, Moebius has taken the decision from the start to accentuate his drawings with vivid colour.

As with Le Garage Hermétique if the reader looks closely at each page and panel they are sure to find references to other work by Moebius both past & present, this is especially true in L’Homme du Ciguri when we meet the character T.Archer (who bears a striking resemblance to a certain author…)

L’Homme du Ciguri & The Man from the Ciguri