Mystere Montrouge

Mystere Montrouge / Montrouge Mystery (2001)
23 x 31cm, 1 black & white, 12 colour plates portfolio

To coincide with an exhibition held at the Salons de l’Hôtel de Ville between the 3rd and 24th October 2001, Moebius released a special limited edition portfolio for the occasion called Mystere Montrouge (The Montrouge Mystery). Mystere Montrouge follows the journey of Stel (from The World of Edena) who is searching for Montrouge and after being guided by a fairy enters through a painting of it and arrives into the dreamscape of Désert “B” (of 40 Days Dans Le Désert “B”).

Mystere Montrouge, portfolio
Mystere Montrouge, portfolio
Mystere Montrouge, portfolio
Mystere Montrouge, plate 1
Mystere Montrouge, plate 2
Mystere Montrouge, plate 3
Mystere Montrouge, plate 4
Mystere Montrouge, plate 5
Mystere Montrouge, plate 6
Mystere Montrouge, plate 7 (2nd Edition only, released in 2002)
Mystere Montrouge, plate 8
Mystere Montrouge, plate 9
Mystere Montrouge, plate 10
Mystere Montrouge, plate 11
Mystere Montrouge, plate 12

Montrouge (a commune in southern Paris, France) was also where Moebius once had an artists studio and located in the newly restored Cultural Centre of Montrouge is a gigantic 5m high x 35m long wall covering fresco named Le Saut De L’Ange (The Angel’s Leap) that was originally drawn by Moebius but completed by a team of artists posthumously in 2012. In celebration of the life of this great artist, the Montrouge main hall is named after Moebius.

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  1. Hello, there is an error, what you call “Plate 7” was added only in the second edition (2002) of that portfolio. First edition in 2001 had only 1 black & white, 11 colour plates portfolio.

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