Moebius 7

Moebius 7 (1990)
Graphitti Designs

22 x 28.5cm, 219 pages

Moebius 7 is the seventh volume of a limited edition of 1500, signed & numbered hardback collection of beautiful, bound, books published by Graphitti Designs that collects and reprints the acclaimed trade paperbacks that were originally published by Marvel/Epic Comics, Graphitti Designs and Dark Horse. Graphitti Designs’ Moebius 4, 5, 6, 8 & 9 books contain the Western comics of Blueberry that were drawn under Jean Giraud’s other alias “GIR” and not by Moebius so therefore are omitted from inclusion.

The book jacket of Moebius 7 features an image of spacefaring repairmen Atan and Stel (the central characters of Moebius’ galactic saga The World of Edena). Once the book jacket is taken off, it reveals underneath a sharp black faux leather hardcover with embossed gold foil stamped “Moebius 7” signature styled title and in the bottom-right hand a unique Starwatcher hand drawn styled circular icon.

Moebius 7, jacket
Moebius 7, book
Moebius 7, signed & numbered page

This volume collects Marvel/Epic Comics’ Moebius 7: The Goddess, Graphitti Designs’ Moebius ½: The Early Moebius & Other Humorous Stories and Dark Horse’s Moebius 0: The Horny Goof & Other Underground Stories paperbacks which contains the following Moebius works:

The Goddess,
Black Thursday,
The Danger of Having a Speck In Your Eye,
Happy Holidays!,
The Computer,
There Were Some Scrumbles in the Big Crate,
Season’s Greetings…,
Fin (The End),
Good News,
We Should Be More Careful About The Neighbors!…,
The Grand Hotel B,
The Mysteries of the Erotic Arts,
Moebius Circa ‘74,
Carnet 3,
In the Heart of the Impregnable Meta-Bunker,
The Gold Digger,
The Horny Goof,
You’re The Object Of This And That,
The Invaders.

Moebius 7, The Goddess
Moebius 7, Black Thursday
Moebius 7, Jeopardized!
Moebius 7, The Grand Hotel B
Moebius 7, Moebius Circa ‘74
Moebius 7, Carnet 3
Moebius 7, The Horny Goof

Both the Marvel/Epic Comics paperbacks and the Graphitti Designs hardback books are sadly now long out of print, rare editions that are much sought after today. Amazingly, Graphitti Designs still has copies in stock of Moebius 4-9 (at the time of writing) and is available online through their website here.

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