Le Major – Major Fatal: Part 4

Le Major (2011)
Moebius Productions
11 x 15.8cm, 154 pages

Le Major (The Major) is the fourth and final book of the Major Fatal saga and one of the last published works by Moebius before his sad passing a year later. It is preceded by Le Chasseur Déprime (The Hunter’s Depression), L’Homme du Ciguri (The Man from the Ciguri) and of course Le Garage Hermétique (The Airtight Garage).

Within Le Major we find a pair of desert dwellers, deep in conversation, postulating grand philosophical and theological questions to a monolithic adobe structure which curiously houses Major Grubert inside. Le Major feels at home in the surreal, infinite expanse of Desert “B” first discovered in 40 Days Dans Le Désert B (40 Days In The Desert B) and also further explored in the 6 volume, part autobiographical, part stream of consciousness series Inside Moebius.

Le Major delves further into Moebius’ artistic arsenal to focus solely on improvisation to tell the story. Consisting of work he drew in the same notebook between 1997 to 2009, Moebius masterfully transmutes fleeting glimpses in his mind’s eye into fully fleshed out illustrations on page, without prior pencils and using only ink.

Le Major

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